Comprehensive waste management


Comprehensive waste management

During its experience, Aquaviva has developed projects for the formulation, disposition and training for the Plan of Comprehensive Solid Waste Management (PGIRS). Those have the objective to comply with the regulations in force and to adopt methodologies for the formulation, implementation, evaluation, follow up, control and actualization of the projects.

The plan for dangerous waste material (PGIR-RESPEL) is a tool that allows to get to know and evaluate the management that entities and industries have concerning their dangerous waste material. It permits the implementation of preventive strategies and the minimization of environmental risks by taking on a comprehensive management, from the storage process to the final disposal.

Additionally, all industries that have been rated as Generators of Dangerous Waste have to get inscribed at the IDEAM. This has to be in accordance with the directions of the decree currently in force, which regulates the prevention measures and the dangerous waste management.

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