Consulting for the fulfillment of international standards


Consulting for the fulfillment of international standards

Large scale industrial or infrastructure projects can have adverse effects on persons and on the environment. The Equator Principles are based on a branch of the World Bank and on the IFC (International Finance Corporation; member of the World Bank), two international institutions dedicated to private sector investments that cover a framework of social and environmental risk management in different project financing activities.

The adoption of the Equator Principles offers great benefits for our customers and local interest groups, via environmental commitment in the affected local communities. Also, according to these principles, funding will only be awarded to those projects whose patrons can show that they will be managed with social and environmental responsibility and corresponding with the requirements.

Aquaviva offers consulting and monitoring of the preparation of evaluations based on the Equator Principles, helping our clients to show their commitment to environmentally and socially responsible projects.

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