Environmental licenses


Environmental licenses

Environmental licensing is the authorization for the execution of projects, building sites or activities. Their objective is to evaluate and find alternatives that manage to optimize and rationalize the use of environmental resources and to minimize the negative impacts that can occur during an entities´ activities.

The services provided by Aquaviva focus on the elaboration and/or actualization of the following studies, in order to develop procedures for the licensing by the environmental authorities:

  • Environmental impact assessment -EIA, allows for an entity to take decisions on environmental planning that define the corresponding prevention, correction and mitigation measures.
  • Contingency plans -PDC, are presented in order to resist environmental contingencies, which refer to the occurrence of adverse effects over the environment due to effects stemming from nature or human activities.
  • Environmental resource management plans, -PMA, are the structuring of environmental impact assessments. The management plan gives the scope and the purpose to the set out environmental measures, the goals and the corresponding objectives.
  • Environmental alternatives diagnosis -DAA: Before environmental impact assessments are worked out, the Colombian environmental authorities can request this study. This allows to identify early the best routes and places for punctual or linear projects, which from an environmental point of view are the best alternative, harmonizing with the technical project development.

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