Soil treatment and basic cleaning up


Soil treatment and basic cleaning up

The treatment and remediation of soils is used as a decontamination method for spaces that have been affected by pollutants, via the utilization of microorganisms and/or products that allow for a restauration of the contaminated soils.

In the case of soils affected by hydrocarbons, Aquaviva uses mixed technology (in situ or ex situ remediation) in order to manage to degrade soils with concentrations of up to 10,000 ppm of TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons).

We recently remediated high quantities of soil, reaching optimum cleaning levels. As to basic cleaning up, Aquaviva employs, amongst others, environmental, sanitary, industrial and forestry engineers; specialists in the development of design projection and construction of cleaning up sites, among which there are:

  • Remediation of impacted soils
  • Design and construction of treatment plants for drinking water and residual water
  • Detailed study and modelling of water, air and noise quality, in correspondence with the regulation in force
  • Mud treatment and disposal

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